Bowls Club System

A bespoke web-based system designed for Bowls Clubs to make day-to-day club administration easier.

The BCS offers many functions including managing players, creating and editing matches, creating leagues, teams and more.

Read on to find out about all of the features available.


Match Management

Create and manage Matches

The primary feature of the BCS is to make match administration easier. Captains create matches by adding information such as date and time of match, location, dress, selected rinks and more. They can choose players from a list, those players then receive an email or text message informing them they've been chosen for a match. No more going to the Clubhouse to see which matches you're playing in.

Respond to Matches

Players can let the Captain know whether they can attend a match or not with one click. The Captain can then quickly and easily see who is available to attend the match, without having to contact players individually.

See upcoming Matches

Players can easily sign in to the website to see which matches they are playing in. This means there is no confusion with who is playing in a match, and players don't need to remember to add every match to their diary. When Captains update matches, such as the selected players or time of the match, players can instantly see the changes on the website.

Players can add matches to supported digital calendars, such as Google Calendar, with one click, allowing easy integration into their existing diary.

Rink Booking

Rinks can be booked for matches and events, ensuring that rinks aren't double booked. A calendar view of all rinks can be displayed, making it easy to see when a certain rink is free.

Availability System

An advanced availability system allows players to easily set when they are and are not available for matches on a daily basis, so that Captains know who is available for every match without even having to ask them. For example, if a player is going on holiday, they enter the dates on to the BCS and they are automatically shown as unavailable when a Captain creates a match on any of those dates. This eliminates time-consuming communications between Captains and Players if the player is unavailable for a match.

Club Administration


Custom events can be created for activities such as club socials, clubhouse maintenance, and more. These events can be viewed both in calendar and list view.

Public Website

Clubs now have a part of the BCS that can be viewed by members of the public, to see club information and a list of matches. This saves maintaining a list of matches both on the BCS and on the club's own website (if they have one).


Players can volunteer for configurable roles to help out at the club, for example cutting the grass or performing general maintenance at the Clubhouse. Club Officials can quickly and easily see reports of who is available for which role, allowing them to arrange jobs for volunteers with ease.

What else is there to know?

Easy to Access and Use

The BCS is entirely web based, so there's no extra software to install on your computer. You can access the BCS from anywhere on Earth, so long as you have an internet connection. It works on all devices, from smartphones up to desktop computers and everything in between.

Furthermore, the BCS has been designed to be easy to use. Most players will get accustomed to using the system very quickly.

Supports Players without Internet Access

Some players may not have access to the internet and the BCS makes provision for that. For one, Club Officials can create accounts on behalf of a member if they don't have access to the internet. That player can then receive text messages to their mobile phone with information about a match, and a mobile or landline number for them to call to let the Captain know if they can attend or not. If the player has no internet or mobile phone access, Captains are advised to call their landline by the BCS when creating a match.

Fully Customisable

Every aspect of the BCS can be customised to your Club's needs. From leagues to teams, from volunteering roles to matches, the system can be tailored quickly and easily for your Club.

Designed for Bowls Clubs

The BCS has been designed from the ground up specifically for Bowls Clubs. This is not just any club management system repackaged for Bowls Clubs; every function has been tailored to the requirements of Bowls Clubs.

Regularly Updated

If a Club has a suggestion for a feature that would be beneficial to them, they can suggest it and often these suggestions are implemented.


The BCS implements secure (HTTPS) connections across the site to ensure your data remains private in transit to our systems. When it arrives with us, it is safely protected under multiple layers of security to ensure it remains private.

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